Yantai Keyu metal products Co., Ltd

Yantai Keyu metal products Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock technology enterprise. The company has strong technical force and high level. It can produce various steel grid products by adopting automatic steel grid production technology. Such as industrial platform, escalator, treadmill, ditch cover, guardrail and stainless steel grating, etc. This product is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, power station, boiler, shipbuilding, petrochemical, chemical industry, food, municipal and other industries, with the advantages of ventilation, light transmission, anti slip, strong bearing capacity, beautiful and durable, economical, easy to clean and easy to install.

The company follows the & lt; Quality first, customer first & quot; Our tenet is to ensure the satisfaction of customers with superior product quality, reasonable price and excellent service. We warmly welcome customers to use Keyu brand steel grating products.

Application fields: light chemical industry, petrochemical industry, power plant, machinery industry, chemical fertilizer industry, pharmaceutical industry, mining and refining industry, parking area, textile and chemical industry, port engineering, shipbuilding industry, oil refining plant, offshore engineering, pulp and paper industry, sewage treatment, agriculture and animal husbandry, garden, transportation, steel industry, municipal engineering, automobile manufacturing Military engineering, construction industry, waste treatment, food processing, airport engineering, aquaculture, building materials industry, cement plant, waterworks, etc.

Specific uses: platform 〔 trestle 〕 ditch cover 〔 ventilation fence 〕 step board 〔 drainage and cover 〕 storage shelf 〕 pipe gallery trestle 〔 trash rack 〕 livestock pen fence 〔 washing rack 〕 railway crossing aisle 〔 scaffold 〕 sunshade 〕 feeder aisle 〔 paint baking room 〕 pedestrian overpass 〔 stadium fence 〕 ventilation window 〕 stereo parking lot 〕 mooring dock 〕 car washing yard aisle 〕 Bridge side Walkway 〔 equipment safety barrier 〕 billboard 〔 filter screen 〕 conveyor Gallery trestle 〔 marine landing pedal 〕 rack and frame 〕 walkway 〕 anti theft doors and windows 〕 airport lighting guardrail 〕 equipment sidewalk 〕 fence 〕 truck top walkway, etc.